Prof. Dr. Carolin Hahnel

Room: IB 4/155
Phone: +49 234 32 - 23030
Office hours: Currently by appointment via e-mail
ORC-ID: 0000-0003-2394-3944

Research Focus
  • Reading as a problem-solving process
  • Processes of working with digital information
  • Modeling of process data for the assessment of comprehension and learning processes
  • Formative and summative assessment in digital learning environments
  • Hahnel, C., Jung, A. J., & Goldhammer, F. (2023). Theory Matters: An Example of Deriving Process Indicators From Log Data to Assess Decision-Making Processes in Web Search Tasks. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 39(4), 271–279.
  • Hahnel, C., Kroehne, U., & Goldhammer, F. (2023). Rule-based process indicators of information processing explain performance differences in PIAAC web search tasks. Large-Scale Assessments in Education, 11(16), 1–25.
  • Hahnel, C., Ramalingam, D., Kroehne, U., & Goldhammer, F. (2023). Patterns of reading behaviour in digital hypertext environments. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 39(3), 737–750.
  • Hahnel, C., & Stemmann, J. (2023). Entwicklung eines Fragebogens zur ökonomischen Erfassung technikbezogener Einstellungen und Selbstwahrnehmungen [Development of a Questionnaire for the Economic Assessment of Attitudes and Self-Perceptions Related to the Use of Appliances an Home Automation]. Diagnostica.
  • Zehner, F., & Hahnel, C. (2023). Artificial intelligence on the advance to enhance educational assessment: Scientific clickbait or genuine gamechanger? Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 39(3), 695–702.